Chicken paprikas

It is very rare to find somebody who doesn’t like, or didn’t hear about the famous Chicken paprikas. It is a traditional Hungarian food. The first recipe is from 1830, written by Czifray Istvan, who was a palatines chef. It quickly became one of the favourite dishes in the Hungarian cuisine. Ingredients: 6 chicken drums,… Tovább »

Chicken breast with mozzarella

I have this recipe from a friend of mine.The original recipe is on: http://citromhab.blogspot.hu/, I changed it a bit, but it won’t be fair to say that this is my invention. Ingredients: 5 cooked potatoes, 8 chicken breast fillets, 2 bigger white onions, a bigger tomato, mozzarella, paprika and oil.  I cook the potatoes and… Tovább »

Chicken broth

<!–[if !mso]><![endif]–> When we moved to England for a brighter future, especially because of our children, it didn’t cross my mind, that one day I would miss things, what back home were so natural. Here, now, I know that I can miss the cockerel singing, the chicken cock-a-doodle, the dog barking. In Transylvania you can… Tovább »

Chicken on salty bed

This recipe is really simple. You prepare it in no time and it’s festive too. And can save you for the next day cooking.  From the over left meat in the next day you make fajitas. Ingredients:a whole chicken, size depends on how many people will serve it. 1 kg of salt. I wash, clean… Tovább »
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