Spinach főzelék

Spring arrived…. It is time to make nice veggie dishes. I like the spinach főzelék. Főzelék it is a vegetable type of dish. Főzelék is a special category in Hungarian cuisine, not quite like a soup and thinner than a stew. It is simply cooked, typically by simmering, not mashed. It is usually not cooked… Tovább »

Garlic bread

I like to prepare the spread for my garlic bread.  It is really tasty and simple. You can prepare a bigger amount and keep it in the fridge,  so whenever you want to eat some,  you just have to spread it on the bread slices, or on a baguette.Ingredients: 100 g butter, 5 garlic cloves,… Tovább »

Tasty beef liver

  It’s been more than an year since we have eaten beef liver. I simply forgotten about it. My children don’t eat liver, so probably that’s why a deleted it from our menu. Even when they were 7 months old, and I slowly started to introduce the meat in their meals, I couldn’t hide the… Tovább »
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