Garnélarák koktél

John Torode ausztrál chef, aki már 2o éve Londonban él, arra kérte  a Good Food Channel tv műsor szerkesztőit, kisérjék őt Ausztráliába, 2o különböző helyre, ahol főzni is fog. Ezt a receptet akkor készitette, felidézve azokat a recepeteket és izeket melyeket karrierje kezdetén készitett. Hozzávalók: a Marie Rose szószhoz: 1 tojássárga, 1 kiskanálnyi tárkonyecet vagy… Tovább »

Potato soup with tarragon

Ingredients: smoked ribs or bacon rashes, 6 bigger potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 parsley root, tarragon in vinegar (or fresh tarragon and vinegar), salt, sour cream, one egg, one white onion.I cut the meat from the ribs into small pieces and I start to cook it in cold water with the white onion which I throw… Tovább »

Wiener Schnitzel or Wiener style Schnitzel

“Wiener” means Viennese (from Vienna) in German. As the name suggests, the Austrians are accredited with the creation of the Wiener Schnitzel. The Wiener Schnitzel was perfected by the Austrians to become the delicious dish known today by every German and found in most German restaurants. However, the origin of the Schnitzel actually goes back… Tovább »

Spinach főzelék

Spring arrived…. It is time to make nice veggie dishes. I like the spinach főzelék. Főzelék it is a vegetable type of dish. Főzelék is a special category in Hungarian cuisine, not quite like a soup and thinner than a stew. It is simply cooked, typically by simmering, not mashed. It is usually not cooked… Tovább »

Pancake cake

In England today was the Pancake day. I have never heard about it before. I have seen a lot of pancake eating contest ads all around the town, but I didn’t know its meaning. And this morning suddenly my son Lukas, remembered that he would like to eat some pancakes.That was really sad. I have… Tovább »

Laura’s ceviche

Finally my husband was off this weekend. Events like this happen once a month. So we have to enjoy it to the maxim. Yesterday there was a very nice spring weather, 17 degrees. Sunny, just wonderful. We visited the flower market on the Columbia Street with our friends, it is just amazing. Then we came… Tovább »

Frankfurt soup

Yesterday in Stratford I found a beautiful savoy cabbage. I wasn’t really in the mood to prepare the classical Hungarian cabbage soup, called “lucskos”. I was thinking to try the “frankfurt soup” with savoy cabbage instead of the chinese cabbage. It was so nice, so full of flavour, that for sure from now on I… Tovább »
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